March 13, 2011

x Chat Free - Free Intranet Private Real Time Chat for Windows

x Chat Free is a private one-on-one real time intranet chat program. It is designed to be user friendly and very flexible to use. It is a very interactive program and with many automatic features. Combined with text to speech (TTS), network resolving and view utilities, file transfer, drawing board, screen capture, auto-connect/notify, URL history, and many customized features.

Version 3 build 060815 include New features like Voice Text to Speech support (WYHIWOG - What you hear is what other get). Command line can now support input strings, commands. Message history in drawing board. Improved: New chat history in drawing board. Chat record now saved as message format (SmartSave). Allow third-party utility to interact with x Chat Free. Bug Fixed: White list and bad list IP address Settings error or crash if safeip.txt or badip.txt files are missing. 

Download xChat Free
xChat support Windows Vista/2000/XP/2003. This is a freeware version of x Chat Free you don't have to pay in order to use x Chat Free or download it.

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