March 23, 2011

AnswerChat - Live Customer Support Solution

AnswerChat enables you to track and chat with the visitors to your website. See who is on your site and see what search engine and search term they used to find your site. Chat with your site's visitors and turn them into customers.

AnswerChat is the low-cost customer service solution. No plug-ins or add-on software are required for visitors to your site.All they need is a java enabled browser. Now, even small and mid-sized companies can have the power usually reserved for the big companies.

When someone wants to chat with you, a new window will open up on your computer (and a telephone sound will be heard if you have a sound card and speakers), showing you the person’s name and what PaGE/screen they are visiting. You can then accept the chat, send the chat to the next OperaTor in queue or a specific operator or your choosing, or send the visitor to an online e-mail form.
A unique AnswerChat feature also lets you change your Operator screen name before accepting a chat request. This is ideal when you might be answering from someone else's PC, or if you want to give the impression that your Company has more operators than you might actually have.

Features on AnswerChat

AnswerChat include features such as unlimited chats, text chat, track visitors to your site, customizable chat buttons and window, real time visitor counter box, automatic email form if an operator is not available, automatically enable/disable at specified days and times, push web pages/files, email copies of chats to visitors, see what page a visitor is on before chatting with them, visitor chat names and emails saved automatically, see what search term(s) (if any) used and referring site(s), multiple chats can be open on one computer, and much more.

Download AnswerChat

AnswerChat is Shareware ($19.95), and support Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT.

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