March 02, 2011

Indline Messenger - FREE Rich Media Communication Platform

Indline Messenger is a Rich Media Communication Platform that features Instant Messaging, Multimedia Conference / Chat Room, Multimedia Mail, Agenda, Address book, Word processing and Spread Sheet as well as Social Networking features.

Indline Instant Messaging allows you to have a small group conference with multi video and multi voice simultaneously. Indline Multimedia Conference / Chat Rooms are build for hundreds or even thousands of people to interact simultaneously.

You can broadcast video files with a crispy stereo sound. Make your own music & video playlist or slide presentation. Meanwhile you can view several cameras or videos from other participants on the same time. It's a great tool for companies to do online meetings, presentations, or lives broadcasting.

Indline Multimedia Conference / Chat Room is an embryo of a true IPTV. Indline Multimedia Mail equipped with a full word processing capability and it simplify for you to use stationary. Or just paste a video clip – paste music or pictures, all into one page of your email.


Features include on Indline Messenger are IM, Text Chat, Voice chat, Video Chat, group chat, Conference, Chatroom, Video Mail, Agenda, Address Book, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Social Networking, music, video, voice mail, SMS, Radio, TTV streaming, etc.

Download Indline Messenger

Indline Messenger support for 11.4 MB / Windows 2K / XP / Vista. This is freeware of software..

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