March 19, 2011

FlashChat v1.5 Deluxe

Flash Chat v1.5 Deluxe is the only 100% customizable Flash chat component on the web powered by XML and Actionscript 3. Flash Chat v1.5 Deluxe is ready to use after uploading to your FTP server. It runs on all standard web servers with PHP5 installed. NO configuration and NO MySQL are needed. Flash Chat v1.5 Deluxe is a powerful and versatile Flash chat script. It's easy to install, use, and fully customizable.

The chat works great as public or community chat room or as support chat. Included are all the source code files (Flash CS3+ .FLA, .AS, .PHP, .XML) and manual tutorial (PDF) with step by step instructions for installing, using and customizing the chat.
The Flash chat room works as standalone or imported .SWF via actionscript 3 code. Included are "4" professional looking Flash chat room skins, ready -to-use after uploading to FTP. All of the included skins are fully customizable.


FlashChat Deluxe include features such as Interactive user online list, Administration controls, Sending of private messages, Setting online status – Online / Away, Kicking or banning users by IP address, IRC style chat commands, Multiple chat rooms support, Storring of chat history in XML file, Auto-login authentication support, Disallowed nicknames list, Flooding control, Customizable bad word filter, HTML code in chat messages, URLs converted to clickable links, Unlimited amount of users,100% customizable design.

Download FlashChat Deluxe

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