March 07, 2011

TerraIM : Free Cross-platform Instant Messenger Client for AIM and ICQ

TerraIM is an instant messenger which connects to the AIM and ICQ instant messaging networks using either OSCAR or TOC as the protocol. It uses the wxWidgets toolkit and suports advanced features such as file transfer, logging, and tabbing. Thus, one can use TerraIM with an existing AIM, ICQ, or AOL screen name. TerraIM has file transfer and buddy icon support, it does not have DirectIM.

This TerraIM is small size (~600KB) and lack of installation, it is readily placed on a flash drive or floppy disk for remote use.


Features include on TerraIM such as chat, IM, skinning, tabbed windows, logging, aliases for buddies, remote control, Offline Messaging, smileys, Portable, easily fits on a floppy, requires no install, All instant messages can be recorded to files, files transfer, Low RAM usage (While the latest version of AIM from AOL uses 60+ mb of RAM, TerraIM normally usess less than 5), buddy icon, etc.

Download TerraIM

This AOL instant messenger client support for Windows XP/2000/Me. It's freeware.

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