March 12, 2011

Chat watch - Record and Logs All Chats on AOL, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, MySpace IM, and Yahoo!Messenger

Want to know what your children and employees talking about or restrict the chatting time of them? Well, this chat controller will help you.

Chat Watch is an instant message monitoring and logging software for today's most popular instant messengers. With Chat Watch we can log all chats on AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Odigo Messenger, CheetaChat, MySpace IM, and Yahoo! Messenger. Chat Watch records all messages sent and all messages received and can optionally run completely hidden from the user. The password protected interface provides an easy to understand overview of all chats that have taken place and we can review each in its entirety.

Chat Watch would logs both sides (sent and received messages) of online chats. Chat logs can be searched by category, keyword, user, date, and instant messenger. You can remotely view the chat logs in real-time with Chat Watch.NET . If you have a mobile device you can view the chat logs on the go with Chat Watch Mobile Edition.


Features on Chat Watch such as Monitor content of instant messages, Predator scan, Chat logs, View the chat logs in real-time, If you have a mobile device you can view the chat logs on the go with Chat Watch Mobile Edition, Easily import your chat logs from Chat Watch 4 or Chat Watch 3 into Chat Watch 5, Acronym Translator,User Notification,an option to disable access to these chat applications (Parental Control); monitoring for objectionable content; logging to a network location; MSN 6 support; DeadAIM support and automatic log e-mailing. We can also print chats, email them, search them for specific text and more.

Download Chat Watch

The license of this communication software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial (30 days) before you buy.

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