March 26, 2011

Sazneo - Free Instant Messaging, Group Chat and Online Communities for Business

Sazneo is a real-time business-to-business communication service that allows internal teams to communicate more effectively with their clients, suppliers and partners. Companies that use Sazneo experience an accelerated sharing of information across teams, fewer meetings, fewer conference calls and a dramatic drop in e-mail volumes. The service is accessible from anywhere using a web browser and does not require additional hardware or software. 

Sazneo is a relatively new group chat app that enables businesses to break conversations down into different channels, which can include team members as well as people from outside the organization. Within each chat channel, there’s a repository for file uploads so team members can easily exchange documents, graphics and other files.

Amount of people in the group chat is unlimited and everything discussed is completely private as no outside person is able to enter the chat room without first being invited by one of the members already inside. The free chat application is also particularly handy when dealing with suppliers, partners and customers as all communication is in real time.

Each person, within the chat, has a profile which others may read at any time. This profile usually only contains professional information and nothing of a personal nature. Users are also able to add channels to their list of pre-existing channels. These channels can be either company channels (formed by the company itself) or privately added by yourself, making you the “channel leader”.

If you create your own channel, you have the option of making it invisible to others in your company. Or you may want only a few of your close colleagues to know of its existence, by clicking on the option menu you will find various methods of keeping it either a secret from the boss or only making it available to a select few. Channels are able to be closed at any time and the data exported to another destination.


Sazneo features such as Chat, Group Discussion, Mobile support, Desktop Notifier, Organize group conversations with channels, Private messaging, File sharing, Conversation history, etc.

Download Sazneo

This application makes use of all Internet browsers, there is no need to download and install software; you can just simply sign up from the Sazneo homepage and start “talking”.

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