March 09, 2011

Effusia Business Messenger - Internal IM and Presence Communication Tool for Enterprise

 Effusia Business Messenger is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux), centrally managed, internal instant messaging and presence communication tool for small to medium enterprises. Effusia provide you real-time business communication combined with simple deployment, easy administration, and a friendly end-user experience.
Whether providing secure, turnkey business instant messaging for 10 users in a single office or 500 users around the world, Effusia Business Messenger consists of three standard components working together: Effusia Server, Effusia Console, and the Effusia Server Management Application.
Effusia Business Messenger is perfect for the job. It's simple, Secure Instant Messaging for Your Business. Effusia comes with five main features like Easy Installation, Active Directory Integration, Administrative Auditing & Reporting, Real-Time Messaging and Secure File Transfers.
This Effusia Messenger doesn't add to your workload. Unlike most business IM products, Effusia designed from the ground up to make installation and management easy for small to medium businesses. The simple installer and user-friendly admin software will get you up and running in minutes.


There are so many features that you can take on this Effusia Business Messenger, such as Chat, real-time instant messaging, file transfer, Easy Installation, Active Directory Integration, Administrative Auditing & Reporting, centralized administration, 128-bit SSL encryption, Server is deployed on your LAN, private messages, a real-time collaboration platform, typing indicator, multiple conversations in one window, MemoMessages to multiple users, Invitation-only online meetings,  offline messages, Complete client-side message history, Presence, Contact List, Status popups, Customized alerts, Unavailable Notes allow users to display detailed presence information, easy to use, and more..

Download Effusia Business Messenger

Effusia Business Messenger support Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/NT. It is not freeware, but free trial software.

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