March 19, 2011

Download Dragon Chat Free

Dragon Chat is a personal chat server that you can use in a small to medium sized network. It supports unlimited chat rooms, power users, user registration, offline messages, and is highly customizable. It uses telnet, so there is no need to download a client.
The ability for users to register a nick name. Once registered, they can send offline messages to each other, as well as save their settings.
"Explorer's World" allows you to Create a basic adventure which allows guests to explore a descriptive world you design. Guests may also create their own worlds within yours if they register their nick name.
Unlimited chatrooms can be created within the server by guests. Each guest is allowed to be in one room at a time.
Users can engage in private conversation with each other.
Each chat room has operators who can remove troublesome users or lock the door for privacy.
"Power Users" maintain can maintain order. Each Power User has their own special powers and may chat with power users of the same type. A user can be any Combination of these. All use of power is logged. There are three levels of power user:
Server Operator: A server operator maintains general control on the server. They may remove troublesome users by disconnecting them from the server and preventing them from reconnecting.
Universal Channel Operator: This is a special user who has operator status in any chatroom and may remove troublesome users from chatrooms. They may also break into any locked room with a special command.
Spy: A spy is a unique power user who has Little useful purpose on their own. They can go undercover with a special command and when they do, their name is removed from user listings. They also may silently join a chatroom. Only spies may see other spies. This can be useful for rooting out corruption from within the power users.
Customizable messages. Virtually all messages are customizable.
Flexable nick names. Nick names can contain any kind of character and can be up to 35 characters.


Dragon Chat features such as support unlimited chat rooms, power users, user registration, offline messages, and is highly customizable.

Download Dragon Chat

Dragon chat support Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT. It's freeware.

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