March 28, 2011

Karoo Lark Web Messenger - Multiprotocol Web IM Client for Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, AIM and Yahoo!Messenger

If the network in your office, workspace or school block instant messaging protocols, you can not get logined, and you can lose contact with your friends on these instant messengers. But, with this Karoo Lark Web Messenger you will always get logined and get updates from your friends, because Karoo Lark web messenger is a web page, and most of network does not block web page.

Karoo Lark Web Messenger provides online messengers for common instant messaging services, like Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Yahoo! Messenger and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Karoo Lark web messenger load all instant messaging services inside one web page. You just need to open it with a modern browser. It is running with less memory and CPU time. And it does not pop up any windows to annoy you.

Karoo Lark support for all modern browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Opera. But, we are strongly recommending you that you use Karoo Lark web messenger with Google Chrome. It's much faster and better user experience for web instant messaging. Google Chrome browser was being created to give users much more space. No status bar, no menu bar, even no separate title bar. And Google Chrome is considered as the fastest browser to run JavaScript. Google Chrome also offer another feature. It alows you to create an application shortcut for a website and launch it from desktop, quick launch bar or start menu. It will give the web page a whole window space  with only title bar.

How to create Karoo Lark web messenger application ?
  1. Visit using Google Chrome ( If you haven't installed it yet, try here to download and install it ).
  2. Click the tool icon on browser's right top corner
  3. Select "tools" -> "Create application shortcut" from the pop up menu
  4. Confirm to create application shortcut by clicking "Create" in the dialog:
  5. You can now launch Karoo Lark web messenger directly from your selected places
  6. Now you have much more space for your friend list and chatting dialogs.

Karoo Lark Web Messenger features such as Chat, IM, Multiple login cross all IM networks, User picture and personal status message in almost all IM networks, Very simple but efficient UI to help you focus on chatting with your friends, displaying your friends' pictures, updating status message and receiving friend status messages, Support displaying thousands of friends, searching friends by ID or by name, chatting background picture, Support different chatting themes, smile-icons, sound notification,  automatically reconnection on connection lost, RSA encryption on logging in, remembering password in client side (or browser side), etc.

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