March 05, 2011

MyChat - Chat for Local Networks, Corporate IM, File Transfer and Backups Over Networks

MyChat is strong software for real-time chatting and files exchanging, ideally conformable for messaging in the corporate and SOHO networks. It's work in corporate or intranet networks, and also through the Internet.

The product will be useful to the companies to which need a resource of corporate dialogue, but usage of such IM systems, as ICQ is inadmissible because of possibility of information leakage. With MyChat such problems will not be: you install a server and can inspec.


Features include on MyChat are Authorization on a server, Private channels, Built-in FTP server (There is a built in own file multithreaded FTP server in MyChat. It uses for an auto update of clients when new versions are released and for exchanging files between users), Account manager, The common channels (Channels in which there can be any amount of people. Common channels can be public or password protected), Running as a system service ( MyChat also can work in the form of a system service, without using graphical interface), User information, Soundtrack of events, Alert messages (It is possible to send the important message to any amount of people in a chat. Also it is possible to request a confirmation about perusal to be assured that your message has been read), Bulletin board, History of messages, Script engine (With the help of script engine MyChat Script Language the server can handle various events that allows MyChat to co-operate with already working systems in your company), panel of contacts (Organize the list of the contacts as in ICQ. MyChat even can create it automatically), Animated smilies, Control of a server from the console, Skins, Logging of all events (The server can record absolutely all: from system messages to private talks. All is customized by the administrator), User groups, Obscene words and flood, Ignoring, Auto update, File transfer, Lockings and bans (It is possible to lock undesirable users on IP and MAC addresses, on UIN or nickname. It is possible to forbid to create channels or nicknames with certain names), Integration with Active Directory.
Download MyChat

MyChat support for Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000. This is free trial software (30 days), and the price is $49.00.

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