March 25, 2011

qutIM - Free Open Source Multi-protocol Instant Messenger Client for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile

qutIM is free open-source multiprotocol ( ICQ, Jabber / GTalk / FaceBook / Ya.Online / LiveJournal, Mail.Ru, IRC ) instant messenger. You can even use this qutIM Multi Protocol Client to connect to and Twitter. Open Source license is under GNU General Public License, that allow you to download the source code and modified them by yourself. You can help to make it better, for example, with coding, design, testing, etc.
qutIM can be easily customized by every user, including creating personalize soundpacks. Just select a sound for each event in a Sound section of the Configuration dialogue of qutIM. Then, click Export and save .xml file in some folder.

Project began in January 2008 and is under active development. Main goal was to create fast and user friendly ICQ client. Nowadays qutIM provides powerful plugin system for developers, so that it can support any IM-protocol.

qutIM written base on C++ wit Qt 4.4. It will run on most platforms including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can also download the unofficial platform such as qutIM for Mac OSX, Debian GNU Linusk, SUSE Linux, Mandriva Linux and others platform of Operating System.


Multiple accounts, Tabbed and windowed messaging modes, Internationalization support, File transfers, HTTP and SOCKS 5 support, Avatar support,  Adium status icons and animation smiles support, Adium styles for chat window, contact list, theme border, Sound notifications , Conferences, Plugin support, ICQ Protocol X statuses, Anti Spam Filter,Fast and uses little memory,Cross platform, Open source, Permanent development, Text translation function in chat window, and more..

Download qutIM

qutIM working on Desktop platforms:Windows, Linux, MacOS
and mobile platforms: Maemo 5, Symbian. It's freeware.


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