March 17, 2011

Mail.Ru Agent Free Download

Mail.Ru Agent is a free instant messaging program. It is one of the most popular Russian instant messengers (also includes ICQ-protocol). It's claimed that today more than 16 million people in worldwide use Mail.Ru Agent monthly and more than 2 million users are online simultaneously every single minute.

This application is used for a number of purposes, among them are receiving e-mail notifications on the desktop, file and message exchange. We canchat with our friends and colleagues and its absolutely free. All we need is a  email address to sign in.

Mail.Ru Agent will help you to stay in touch with your old friends and make new acquaintances. It opens wide opportunities to interesting and emotional online communication. Mail.Ru Agent offer wide opportunities of instant messaging like visual text effects, merging consecutive messages, virtual conferences, flexible contact list arrangement and much more.


Besides basic IM functionality (presence, contact list, sending text messages, file transfers,
message history, smileys, cartoon, etc.), M-Agent also provides online gaming, peer-to-peer voice calls, video calls, low-rate VoIP calls, free SMS, automatic mail checking and other useful features.
In addition to the opening of the protocol, in February 2007 Mail.Ru has released its official client for mobile phones.All mobile Mail.Ru Agent clients lack many features of the desktop version, such as gaming, VoIP communication and cartoon sending, but include the SMS sending feature.

Download Mail.Ru Agent

Mail.Ru Agent works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Window 7 operational systems. This is Freeware.


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