March 13, 2011

Filetopia - Free Powerful File Sharing with Public Encryption

 Filetopia is a powerful file sharing system that also includes instant messaging, a chat client, e-mail features, online friends list (BuddyList) and message boards. What is unique to this software is the level of security and privacy that it provides. It uses a choice of strong ciphers and public key techniques for all communications and sophisticated techniques to protect your IP and thus make you truly anonymous and safe from attacks. FileTopia supports Socks proxy.

This Filetopia uses the Public Key paradigm for communications with the Chat Server and all File transfered among users. A public/private key pair is generated on each side of the connection and the public keys are exchanged. Thus, every connection consists of three encryption components: A Public Key mechanism, for which the Elliptic Curve algorithm is used, and a Symetric Encryptor and Decryptor for which you have a choice of ten ciphers, many of which are AES candidates.


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Download Filetopia

File topia support Windows XP/2000/98/Me. This is freeware of software.

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