March 16, 2011

WWB Video Chat Messenger Download Free

WWB Video Chat Messenger let you to view and listen to as many videos as your computer & internet connection can handle. While viewing videos, you can Mute or Listen to who you want. You can enter to public rooms or create your own Private Room.

When receiving an Audio/Video chat request, it will provided you with their photo and access to their profile, so you can decide whether or not to accept the call. In version 3 there's a stage in each Chat Room, where people Take Turns on video talking to the entire room.
You can also create and upload video to your Profile & Web Page. Create and maintain your own web site with the supplied web editor, the Dyna-Editor, and broadcast your recorded video file, from your home page. Record videos from your web cam. You can use the Video DJ to broadcast your files or stream those from other Video DJs. Do a complete Video Changeover of your files to make 'em available for broadcast via the Video DJ. Play games.

Audio/Video chat, chatroom, Public chat, private chat, create/upload video, web editor, Dyna-editor, record video, broadcast video, Video DJ, play games, etc.

Download WWB Video Chat Messenger

This WWB Video Chat Messenger is Freeware of softwate. If you would like to  get or use WWB Video Chat you can download from here. It's support platfom Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT.

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