March 17, 2011

IM2 - Connect ICQ, MSN, AOL, IRC, Yahoo and Mobile Devices

This IM2 Instant Messenger 2 is  efficient cross-platform messaging client. IM2 would lets you connect to AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN or Yahoo, you can access and manage them all with this next generation IM client, and now also supports Mobile devices.

IM2 is completely skinable! You can customize the look and feel of the entire application with one of our exciting new skins, or Create your own personalized skin. Download our pre-built skins here, or make your own.
IM2 allows you to hold audio and video conferences with any IM2 client around the globe. Envision holding video meetings with all your of co-workers without ever having to leave your desk.
IM2 takes security and privacy very seriously. Don't have to worry that sensitive information sent over IM can be read by strangers, or intercepted by hackers and other prying eyes.

IM2 is proud to be the IM client to offer seamless file sharing technology across all supported IM platforms! Introducing IM2Share, a secure private environment that allows multiple users to share images, documents, sounds, and more
IM2 comes standard with lots of fun and eye-catching emoticons that far surpass the standard smilies or other boring messaging emoticons.


Chat, IM, Audio/video conferencing, Secure Messaging, encryption, skinable, emoticons, seamless file sharing, etc.

Download IM2

IM2 Instant Messenger 2 works on Windows XP/2000/98. It's freeware.

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