March 03, 2011

S-IMessenger : Secure, Reliable, and Feature-rich Instant Messaging for Corporate IM

S-IMessenger is a secure, reliable and versatile enterprise instant messaging solution that suitable as a Corporate Instant Messenger. It's a fast, secure and controllable way, both internally on your company's network as externally from the Internet.

S-IMCO's IM Service architecture consists of Dispatch Server, Status Server, IM Server and a Windows based administration console. The system uses MySQL as database. The server and client use SSL/TLS protocol to communicate. The system uses the industry standard TLS/SSL tool-kit OpenSSL for that purpose. S-IMCO's IM Service is highly scalable and can support thousands of concurrent connections on a single server.

S-IMCO Inc's Enterprise Instant Messaging server can be safely placed behind a firewall anywhere in the LAN and provides the mechanism that manages the information exchanged between S-IMCO secure instant messenger clients. This includes buddy status updates, text messages, file-transfers. Our server boasts a very small footprint and supports intranet and extranet communication.


S-Messenger include features such as Secure, encryption, Administration Console, Dispatch Server, Status Server, IM Server, public and private chat, presence, File and Avatar Transfer, Contact List, easy to operate, and more.

Download S-IMessenger

The license of this communication software is Free Trial Software, the price is $599.00 (100 user), you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. S-Messenger support for 4 MB / Windows 2K / 7/ 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (beta).

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