March 14, 2011

Pony Chat WWC : Internet/Intranet Chat Program for Real-time Communication

What is it? This is an excellent program, which works well on a Local area network as well as on the Internet and provides a completely secured environment for chatting with full privacy.
PonyChat WWC is an Internet/Intranet Chat utility that provides real-time communication Between users located in your Local Area Network, as well as between users or networks over the Internet.It's combines the renowned ease of use of previous versions with The Power and versatility that its new features provide.

Pony Chat allows text chatting along with remote file browsing and program execution. This could prove to be a great tool for inter-office or remote offices as it also facilitates the transfer of files.

Pony Chat extremely intuitive, easy to use and requires no configuration: a simple click in the taskbar icon opens the chat window. ponyChat allows alert messages, dialog based messages, remote program execution, and more. Just try this a peer-to-peer chat application for LAN and Internet use.


Pony Chat supports private rooms, conference rooms, peer-to-peer chat, simultaneous access to multiple networks and rooms, file transfers, remote file browsing, instant and delayed messaging, remote program Execution and much more, all without configuration or dedicated servers.

Download Pony Chat

Pony chat WWC support Windows 2000 , Windows 95/98, Windows Me,Windows NT 4.x,Windows 9X, NT, 2K, 2003, XP, and Vista. This is Shareware. The price is $27.65.

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