March 07, 2011

Hypecall 2 - Make Free Skype Calls with Your Any Mobile Phones

Hypecall 2 is an add-in of skype that would let you to make Skype calls with any Mobile. HypeCall is targeted to international calls for Skype community. With this useful  program you can make free or very cheap international calls from your mobile. No need to install any software. It's free. And it work on all mobile phones.

Feature on Hypecall

Hypecall offer you features such as you can Make free or very cheap international calls on your mobile, Use your Skype on the move without a PC or being connected to one, No need to install any software, Enables you to call your friends using their SkypeID,  Instant phone conferencing, Protects your identity, On your Phone, Find your friends number on your phone, Send us the Vcard or SMS, Via the Web, Type in your phone number, Type in your friends phone number, etc.

Download Hypecall


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