March 15, 2011

Yaplet - Add Sidebar/Pop-up Chatroom to Your Websites

Yaplet would lets you chat while you’re on any website. It’s like any other chat provider, but you can launch it whenever you want to chat with someone who’s on the same website as you are.  Yaplet is a browser sidebar that can also be popped out as its own browser window. Each site is given its own chat room, and Yaplet caches site conversations for you or others to view, even when no one else is there. Both sidebar chat and pop-up are available. You can also embed a Yaplet chat into the page.
There are a few ways to do. One, simply drag the Yaplet bookmarklet to your toolbar and launch it on the website of your choice when you feel like chatting. Two, enter the website’s URL to Yaplet’s homepage and Yaplet will get things going for you. Or, finally, just add Yaplet to your site. You can choose from Sidebar-style chat or Pop-up style. There’s no registration or sign-up required. Once you’ve got a chat up, type in a name and greeting. There are other standard chat settings (toggle preferences,audio notification, number of lurkers and visible chatters, et al)to choose from as well.

To make the Yaplet experience a little more cohesive you can add an optional bookmarket to your browser. Clicking the bookmarket from any site you're currently on opens up the Yaplet sidebar.
If you're concerned about privacy, private chat is as simple as clicking another chatter's name. There's a simple master list of users that gives you admin controls to ignore or ban other chatters. You're also able to create your own secret rooms, accessible only to those you give a link to, essentially making it its own conference client. Yaplet also has a simple social networking component, keeping track of popular sites visited using Yaplet, plus a list of the top 50 within the last 24 hours.

Features on Yaplet

Yaplet include features such as Chat, IM, Make new friends, Build new communities, Find dates, Collaborate on group work, private chat, Telepresent, Provide customer service, Offer real-time support, Educate over distance, Play games, Read/write reviews, etc.

Download Yaplet

Yaplet support Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT. It's freeware.

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