March 23, 2011

Chatjet - Fast and Flexible Chat Server for Business

Chatjet is a highly optimized, integrated Chat server software for any form of webchat as well as for communications solutions in corporate intranets. It is used for moderated chat events, public chat communities, e-learning and for online customer support.
The system is based on HTTP/HTML, so no plugins are required for Chatjet-powered chats. Due to its support for SSL encryption and a broad range of security features, the system is perfectly suited for usage in mission-critical applications.
The Chatjet Chat Server system perfectly integrates into existing backends - it supports all common SQL database systems on the market, LDAP, ODBC, SSL, IRC, WAP and other open protocolls. Several kinds of moderation and message routing are supported.

Chatjet is stand-alone server software. It contains a complete HTTP webserver which is configured specifically for the technical requirements of a webchat.The server core was Assembler-optimized by hand, and therefore is lightning-fast even for enormous numbers of participants.
On the basis of this server core, the system delivers a special HTML frameset to the webbrowser of the user, which among other things contains the chat messages. The interesting aspect of this approach is: anything that the system delivers can be managed by you.

Download Chatjet

Chatjet is not freeware ( $1440 to buy ), and support for Windows NT 4.x/2000/XP/Linux.

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