March 21, 2011

icuTEL LIVE Video Chatroom Download Free

icuTEL LIVE video chatrooms provide a virtual multi-purpose meeting or presentation rooms for kids,teenages,professionals, business and law enforcement agencies. Audio Video streaming is encrypted for sensitive discussion and user protection.

Most products limit the number of participants you can have in an online meeting, icuTEL LIVE allows you hundreds of attendees to attend your chatroom meetings and online events.Both the text chat and audio can be saved to the pc for checking later and icuTEL LIVE also enables parents to access there kids rooms from work and monitor who enters there childrens rooms.Each owner is allocated a room link and access to a back office control panel.The user has full control of who attends the chatroom and has the ability to remove unauthorised guests by banning them.To invite people to your chatroom after the user provides their room link and/or password.

For Business use, icuTEL LIVE enables you to collaborate online with colleagues, customers, and partners in real time, between either individuals or large groups with just a PC, and an Internet connection.The possibilities are limitless, automate support for your client base, run a variety of daily live seminars covering topics of your choice to an unlimited audience in real time audio with video, live presales, promotions, customer networking in live chat rooms, reduce travel expenses and time for business meetings, reduce long distance phone bills, talk to anyone anywhere in the world for an unlimited amount of time for One Low Flat Monthly Fee.


Interactive whiteboard, audio/video chat, real time application sharing, text chat, video meeting, conference, crystal clear audio and webcam capabilities, File Transfer, Desktop Sharing, Multiple Presentation Modes, Audio Recording, etc.

Download icuTEL LIVE

icuTEL LIVE is free trial software (14 days), and the price is $29.99 to buy. It's support Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003.

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