June 05, 2011

Steilto2 - Free Light LAN (TCP/IP) Messenger

Steilto2 is a small, fun, fast and Free LAN (TCP/IP) messenger program. The Steilto2 suite uses a server -> client approach to messaging. These two programs are included in the steilto2 Suite: 1> The Server. One PC on the network. 2> The Client. Any number of other PCs on the network. (limit 400)

Steilto2 is a secure application that doesn't open any unnecessary ports to the "outside" world. As compared to internet chat applications, Steilto2 is much more secure. Messages are sent in encrypted format from the client application - so traffic can not be "hijacked" and read by other applications.

The Client application resides in the system tray of the host PC and pops up when a message arrives, it is very light on resources utilized by the PC and totally unobtrusive to the regular work that the users is doing. The user can configure the client to his personal settings including the: "do not disturb" , "no popup" etc etc.

The Server application and indeed the total setup can be completed in less than 5 minutes... there literally is zero learning curve. Also it should be pointed out that the server can be run on "tiny" PC's. We have used ours on a 386 (ancient) PC with 50 users connected; the application is very light.

Steilto2 included two network games - Poker and NetNax. When you have connected to the server you can play network Poker and NetNax with other users on network. (obviously Poker is Poker!! ; NetNax is a version of Battleships.) Also included are Funny sounds that can be sent from one user to another and other Fun Stuff.

Download Steilto2

Steilto2 is freeware of software and support Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT.