March 10, 2011

Chatablanca - Free Mix Comic and Video Chat Room for Everyone

This Chatablanca is free video chatroom for everyone, and this is place for clean and friendly chat, dating, social networking and flirt. Chatablanca  is mix of comic and video chat software. For the first time, you can view many cameras at the same time. You can communicate with video and voice or use the comic-style text chat. There is a plain old chat option too.
Chatablanca is organized in rooms of maximum six persons, three male and three female. People in the same room can talk while they watch each other.Chat with many people simultaneously and see their faces. And every three seconds or so, Chatablanca refreshes our picture with a new snapshot. Cool accessories would make your chatting experience even more fun.

Private rooms are also available for free. Chat with your friends without being disturbed by anyone. You can also customize your appartment according to your personal style, with your own taste.

The best of all i think is that we can vote for people who we like and negatively for boring or annoying people so that we only have to chat to people that we really enjoy talking too.Annoying people can be voted negatively and eventually automatically kicked out of the room or we can simply ignored. If you like someone you can add him/her to your Buddy List for future sessions.


Features on this Chatablanca such as Text chat, comic-style chat, Voice chat, video chat, Chat with many people simultaneously and see their faces, 6 webcam view, Equal number of males & females, Rate and expel any annoying roommate, private room, cool accessories, Move to friend's room or invite him/her to your room, Totally free, no spyware or adware installed, etc.

Download Chatablanca

Chatablanca support Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Win98, WinME, Win95. It is freeware of software.

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