April 29, 2011

POPme Instant Messaging for LAN Office Communication

POPme Instant Messaging is instant messaging system for office networks (local area networks). POPme will allow your people to quickly exchange pop-ups with each other. It would Instantly exchange "POP up" messages, alerts & notifications with other people on your network. POPme will improve internal communication, business productivity and relationships with co-workers.

With less than 2 mouse clicks, using POPme Instant Messaging you can alert co-workers that they have calls holding, visitors, and meetings. Get quick answers. You can establish co-workers whereabouts and send company-wide alerts.

A typical setup would be when one person is answering phones, and does not want to use the intercom, or get up and go and see if another person is available to take a call. By using two mouse clicks, a pop-up will appear on the second person's computer screen. With one click they can respond to the message.


Send instant "POP up" messages to other users on your network, Send to multiple users at the same time, Customizable Quick POP buttons, Customizable Quick Response buttons, Local network Chat,No user limits, No server required, No Internet connection required, No Administration Required, Setup in minutes, Customizable Quick Send buttons, Customizable Auto Responses, Send to multiple users and groups, Recall Messages, Emergency Buttons, Easily Transfer settings to other users.

Download POPme Instant Messaging

POPme Instant Messaging is Free Trial Software, the price is $59.99. POPme IM support Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me.