May 01, 2011

Snak : Shareware IRC Client for Mac

Snak enable you to chat with people from all over the world in IRC meeting rooms on the Internet. Millions of people use IRC and there are thousands of meeting rooms with varied subjects like computers, Soccer or sports. You can also use IRC to have private conversations with family or friends, and since IRC is worldwide you can use it to practice your language skills.

Snak comes with a comprehensive manual and features automatic logging, support for international character sets, font and background colors for each individual channel, and a dedicated input field for each channel.

Snak IRC chat client supports an unlimited number of connections and channels, private chats, as well as full DCC support for file transfers and chat. It can be scripted with AppleScript and the ircII scripting language. Snak features an Actions list which makes it easy to automate responses to many common events on IRC.

Download Snak

Snak is IRC chat client that support for Mac OS and Mac OSX. It's free trial software. The price is $29 to buy.

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