April 09, 2011

Free Download Portable MegaIRC

Portable MegaIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client that can be used portably. Portable IRC allows you  to connect to any IRC network and chat with people around the world. It's contains the basic essentials of a standard IRC client. The color scheme is fully customizable, you can change the text, background and more.

The application supports server and channel lists, full ANSI colors and visual notifications as well as DCC send and receive file, logs for mesages and command line. The color scheme in MegaIRC is fully customizable, you can change the text and background, as well as other specific types of text eg. your own messages. MegaIRC allows you to associate sounds (MP3, OGG, WAV are supported) with specific events.
MegaIRC supports various IRC server encodings and, for your anonymity, can connect to a server through Socks5 firewall. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is also supported.

MegaIRC has some features that cannot be found in other IRC clients. It can work in one-windowed mode, which means that all private, channel and system messages will be shown in same text window, it can work in debug mode when all server messages will be shown to user as is, according to IRC protocol and more.
MegaIRC supports their own bots-plugins. IRC bots can entertain users on channel, can check for unprintable words, can collect user stats etc.

Download Portable MegaIRC

Portable MegaIRC support Windows 98/NT/2K/XP/7. This is freeware. You can free download and free use this irc client software.

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