April 01, 2011

ZBit J-Chat Pro : Super-fast, Reliable, Scalable Chat Application With No Page Refreshes

The J-Chat Pro is fast, reliable, scalable, fully customizable and easy to install chat application without page flickering. Hosts multiple sites, private rooms, and moderated chats. Private messages, ignore, kick, ban, abusive words, flooding, link aware, etc. The scalability and speed of the chat service is due to its excellent Java and JavaScript based programs.

The application is easy to install and has very fast response time even on a slow connections. Allows multiple sites and thousands of users to have access to one server. You will get it up and running in few minutes. It has message font attributes and color. It has a Fully customizable User Interface, Ignore Functions, kicks and bans users by name or by IP address, and abusive words filter.

The Ignore Function allows ignoring annoying users in a chat room. You can also Kick and Ban users by name or by IP address. Chat Administrators, Site Administrators and Room Owners can kick users out of the chat. They can also apply ban on users name or IP address.

The cutting-edge chat program allows chat users to send all their important messages without delays. Once send message button is pressed the message is delivered instantly.


J-Chat Pro offer features such as chat, IM, Moderated Discussions, Private Rooms,  Private Messages, Kick and Ban users, Message font attributes and color, Hyperlink aware, Ignore Function, customizable, super-fast chat, flooding, abusive words filter, and more.

Download J-Chat Pro

Zbit J-Chat Pro is provided as a free to try. Zbit J-Chat Pro price is $139, and it support for Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT.

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