April 15, 2011

CoolSpeak - Support Voice, E-mail, Text, Text-to-voice, File Attachments and Instant Messaging

This CoolSpeak free internet voice messaging service from suncorptech.com supports voice, e-mail, text, text-to-voice, file attachments and instant messaging. CoolSpeak is like an e-mail program with voice capabilities but no e-mail address. It allows you to send voice messages, text messages, and attachments to other CoolSpeak users. It uses numbers instead of e-mail address. Pretty much it works just like an e-mail program though. It really compresses the messages a lot so it don't take forever to send them. It is a great program and really easy to use.

CoolSpeak operates through firewalls and proxy servers. It also allows you to exchange voice messages with anyone on the Internet. You can invite friends to join you using the invite function. You can also listen to voice mail messages through any telephone.
It runs in your icon tray, informing you of any new messages and the online directory makes it easy to find other users and add them to the address book.
Download CoolSpeak

This CoolSpeak support for Windows 98 / NT / 2k / Me. 

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