April 03, 2011

8hands - Manage your Online Activities, IM, Share Content in One Place

8hands is a small and friendly desktop application that would help you to manage your online activities.  With 8hands you can always stay connected to your favorite networks and your network friends without having to check your various profiles on each and every site.

With 8hands, you can organize and optimize your different online Profiles from one place, while receiving real time Notifications of your events. With 8hands you can also IM and share online content with your friends. Just drag and drop your YouTube videos, Flickr pics and more into our easy to use Chat window. Get notifications of new comments, messages, friend requests, videos, feeds and more - in real time! Receive summaries and statistics on your social networking activities.

One point access to MySpace, Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, YouTube and more. Notifications of new comments, messages, friend requests, videos, feeds, and more - in real time. An instant messenger where you can easily chat and share content with your social network friends. A way to organize your social media content (pics, videos, posts) in one place.
It grabs your buddies from Flickr, Blogger, Twitter, TypePad, YouTube, MySpace, WordPress, and LiveJournal and displays them in a floating, IM-sized window.

 Download 8hands

8hands is support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. And it's freeware. 

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