April 25, 2011

Bingo's Chat - Free IRC Client for LAN with Voice Chat Support

Bingos Chat is a free  IRC client for LAN with voice chat support that works without a server. It is an ideal solution for small networks. Bingos Chat has support for animated smilies, avatars, files and folders transferring, insertion images into chat window (even from clipboard), formatting text, hot phrases, notice-board, and encryption of messages.

Using this Bingos Chat program you will be able to communicate in the local network and the Internet, organize a voice conference with other users in the local network.


Bingos Chat features are Audio compression to MP3 format - to save traffic, The level of the beginning of sound transmission, voice amplifier, recording of conferences, Support for avatars, including animated (JPEG, PNG, GIF), Insertion images into the chat window (even from the clipboard), autoscaling, Visual style, choice of skin, Personal HTML pages with information about the user, Formatting text (colored letters with the background color, bold, underline), 900 animated smilies, Support for multiple languages, Ignoring users & messages, Transfering files and folders of any size to user or into channel by dragging and dropping files or folder to users in the list with resume support, Notice-Board, Showing active LAN servers of Quake III Arena, Counter Strike 1.6 / HL in chat (hot keys: F5, F6), Hot phrases, Support bots and other add-ons, Export / Import of all settings - your data is always with you, Strong encryption, etc.

Download Bingos Chat

Bingos Chat support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Server 2008.

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