May 27, 2011

messmo : Access Free SMS, Picture Messaging and Email on Mobile Phone

messmo is a Free application for mobile phones with Internet access.Messmo uses the mobile Internet, and combines SMS with the best of instant messaging and email. Lets you send messages to/from anyone’s mobile number for Free.You can  use real mobile numbers for SMS, Free TXT and attachments. Send to messmo and non messmo users. Connect to Facebook, Email and dozens of channel’s on messmo. Create your own channel and broadcast to messmo users. All with No registration, and no spam or advertising. Just download and go.

The messmo FriendCasts feature allows you  Create an instant group with a new number. Send one TXT and all of your friends get the message. Share a cool photo, start a chat on a hot topic! Not only Free TXT’s when you send between messmo users, but also you can send attachments such as ringtones, pictures, video’s, music, etc to reach other.

Upload, post and much more with FaceBook using 1900FBOOK. Or with 1900EMAIL choose to receive TXT alerts from any site when the site sends you an email.


messmo features such as you can Send Free SMS to any other messmo user, Picture Messaging – easily send photos from mobile Free, Send / receive email to your mobile, Update Facebook via mobile, change Status; message friends; upload photos, Create your own messmo channel and publish content to the world, and Create chat groups for you and your friends.

Download messmo

This messmo compatible with many phone devices such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc. You can click here to know more about compatible device list.


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  2. When I use the Messmo it shows me a pop-up saying “ messenger" was not installed either due to connectivity problem, a problem in your installation or you manually cancelled the setup program. Would you like to open the folder containing the error logs now?”