April 05, 2011

Multi Skype Launcher - Run Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously on Single Computerr

Many people use different Skype accounts for different purposes like Office, Freelance, Personal etc… Here is an interesting software that would make you able to manage two or more skype accounts on single computer at the same time.

Multi Skype Launcher is freeware application that allows you to run multiple Skype accounts on the same computer at the same time. Once installed, just click on the “Add” button to add your skype accounts. Provide the details of your Skype accounts and Check the box titled “Auto login”. Similarly, follow process for adding multiple skype accounts.
This Multi Skype Launcher allows you either login to a single account or multiple accounts depending on your choice.

This easy to use application lets you launch and login into your Skype accounts automatically on Windows startup. Multi Skype Launcher supported Skype 4, Skype 5, Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7.

Download Multi Skype Launcher

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