April 14, 2011

KankaMSN - Least GPRS Data Consuming Mobile MSN Applicaiton

KankaMSN is free an instant messaging software which make you able to chat with your mobile phone. You can chat with everyone who uses MSN or windows live Messenger with KankaMSN. Besides KankaMSN is the least GPRS data consuming software in the market. So that you can enjoy spending minimum credits even you chat for hours with your friends.

This KankaMSN is the most clear software in the market. While you use KankaMSN you can see the data usage on the up-right corner of the screen. So that you can always calculate your spending.
You can also send a picture that you took with your mobile phone’s camera. What you have to do is just click ‘Menu’ and then ‘Send Picture’.  Find your new Friends with KankaMSN. KankaMSN make you able to find new friends among other KankaMSN users. After inserting you details such as nick, sex, age information; you can wait for other KankaMSN user to contact you or you can look for other user according to your criteria.

In this KankaMSN Version Beta 0.4 comes with 10 different themas. And for fast instant messeging KankaMSN serves T9 support to you. KankaMSN support Vibration and voice alerts. KankaMSN will informs you via voice alerts and/or vibrations. So that you will be informed with new messeges even you don’t look at you mobile phone’s screen.
The Video and Music files would lets you play the audio and video file links that your friends send. KankaMSN also support Chat History. If you wish you can save your chat history of your friends to your mobile phone. So that in the next chat sessions you can see your messaging history.


GPRS data counter, Send/Receive Picture, Find new friends, Vibration and voice alerts, T9 Instant Messaging Support, Playing Video and Music files, Add template, Save picture, Only Online / Offline contacts list, Save conversation history.

 Download KankaMSN

KankaMSN  support for many mobile phone devices such as HTC, T-mobile, Alcatel, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and much more. You can see the complete device list.

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